Art Therapy

Psychotherapy + creative expression.
Express yourself creatively and communicate through symbols, shapes, line, textures, colour.
Explore materials and play, discover.
Art therapy can help to understand oneself, process trauma, and heal.
Art skills not required.

In-Person or Virtual Individual therapy: $150.44 per 55 minute session.

May be claimed under insurance providers that cover psychotherapy*
Sliding scale available to eligible clients, based on income.

Examples of Art Therapy Goals:

  • process trauma of an experience through art

  • develop self-understanding, explore self-identity

  • practice grounding and mindfulness through creating with different materials

  • externalize stress, engage in healthy coping strategies

  • express self through art and the creative process

Individual Art Therapy

Couples Art Therapy

Family Art Therapy

person holding paintbrush
person holding paintbrush
person doing handcrafts
person doing handcrafts
person with white powder on hand
person with white powder on hand

*Psychotherapy and art therapy both fall under the umbrella of psychotherapy services. They focus on internal thoughts and feelings, as well as behaviours and covered by CRPO certification. Psychotherapy/art therapy are not behavioural in nature and are not covered by BACB certification.

Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Behaviour Therapy
What's the difference?