two people sitting during day
two people sitting during day
woman wearing gray jacket
woman wearing gray jacket
two women sitting on chair
two women sitting on chair

Talk therapy.
Talk it out. Compassionate therapists here to support you and your goals.
Whatever you are experiencing, I am here to listen:
stress anxiety depression injury trauma change transition work family relationships physical or mental health

In-Person or Virtual Service: $150-250 per session, depending on theraoidt experience.

May be claimed under insurance providers that cover psychotherapy*

Examples of Psychotherapy Goals:

  • receive mental health support for stress and anxiety

  • talk to someone who will listen non-judgmentally and provide emotional support

  • learn coping strategies for strong emotions such as anxiety or anger

  • practice and integrate mindfulness (i.e. mindfulness based sobriety)

  • work through an issue, life-change, or relationship strain

*Psychotherapy and art therapy both fall under the umbrella of psychotherapy services. They focus on internal thoughts and feelings, as well as behaviours and is covered by CRPO certification. Psychotherapy and art therapy are not behavioural in nature and are not covered by BACB certification.

Psychotherapy, Art Therapy, Behaviour Therapy
What's the difference?